4 Popular Online Casino Games You Can Play With Your Friends

The online casino industry is constantly being improved. Providers add 3D graphics, animated characters, custom bonuses, additional levels and catchy audio tracks. One of the brightest innovations in online gambling is multiplayer slots and other games. Several online casino visitors can play at the same time. This makes gambling a great type of entertainment with friends. Let us take a look at four online casino games that you can play with your friends.

  1. Slots

    If in the usual mode in slots, the whole process of the game, bonuses and the jackpot go to one person, then in multi-user slots – all participants are equal. Usually, online casinos have a special virtual room with such slots. Up to six people can participate in such games at the same time. During the gameplay, participants can communicate with each other using a special chat. During the spins, you can write not only comments on the game, but also discuss the gameplay itself, decide what to do with the accrued bonuses, which card to open in the risk game, etc. In addition, you can share impressions, encourage your teammates and instruct them in every possible way.
  2. Roulette

    If you are bored of playing ordinary roulette alone and want to play with friends, you can try the multiuser roulette. Here you can see who is making which bet, the player’s name, there is even a general chat in which players correspond with each other. It is very interesting to play, you can check various systems since it is simply impossible to deceive you in the multiplayer roulette.
  3. Poker

    Poker is a popular and addicting game that can also help you make good money over time. There are many amateurs as well as professional poker players who enjoy playing this game. That is why this game is very popular for company games. In online casino multiplayer poker, you have access to:
    • different types of poker;
    • frequent tournaments for players;
    • draws in various categories; simple client interface;
    • the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a real casino with friends.
  4. BlackJack

    This game is also very fun to play with friends. Multiplayer blackjack works in the same way as traditional ones: the player needs to receive the number of points not exceeding 21. When the original combinations are obtained, the choice is given – to stay with your cards or to take more. In the second case, two options are usually available – take any number of cards up to 21, or receive only one, doubling the bet. 22 points or more means a loss regardless of the score which other players have. In more complex blackjack variants, the dealer’s card is also taken into account. The latter acts according to the rules of the institution. He usually stops at 17 points. Although multiplayer games in online casinos are a promising direction, so far this type of entertainment is popular only in land-based casinos. However, gradually the popularity of this type of entertainment will only grow.

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